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We are turning up the heat on this incubator

We are starting with carts, and building (with our vendors), a park with customized shipping containers that are unique to the businesses that run them.


The Kitchens

We are anticipating converting shipping containers to serve as our vendor kitchens in the park. Currently we have 2/3 spots full, but are always on the lookout for a unique restaurant model to work with.


The Business

We will be operating as a fully functional business incubator for all of our food vendors. This means we will be pairing vendors with viable business resources that will help contribute to their brand success both inside and outside of the park. Some of these services include website design, online ordering management & resource connections.


The Park

Columbia food park is located in a unique park setting in the heart of downtown Vancouver. This space offers a number of advantages over the traditional "food cart lot." The park-like setting presents an attractive destination for customers to hang out and enjoy their food with a number of seating options and sources of entertainment.

108 E. 7th Street Vancouver, WA 98660

The City

Vancouver is in the midst of a serious reformation. With the waterfront development well underway, and many businesses moving into the downtown area, we are seeing a rapid increase in foot traffic, and people in search for leisure and entertainment. This opens up the door for us to position the food park for maximum exposure over the next few years in the pinnacle of this city-wide growth.


Become a Vendor at Columbia Food Park

Columbia Food Park is working hard to ensure that the Vendors we have in our park accurately represent the community and culture of our city and this project.

Because of the limited availability in or park, our selection process has to be intentional and exhaustive. We are open to every and all food styles, options, and dietary focuses, but there are a few elements that must remain a priority for us:

  • We need Vendors with vision.

  • You must have a mobile food service operation that does not exceed an 8’x10’ footprint, or be ready to commit resources to a kitchen being built in tandem with CFP.

  • You must be a registered business and have a menu created prior to reaching out to us. We can help you get started, but consideration as a vendor in the park needs these elements.

  • We need innovators, people who are willing to believe in our city and the growth, and are ready to put their imprint on the community.

We want to hear your story, feel your passion, and taste your food. Fill out the form below to get the conversation going. ALL Fields are critical to submission and increase the likelihood that we will reach out.

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