Seven Days In


We are $265 away from being 10% funded! Only 7 days in, and we are already taking strides towards our goal.

Thanks to all of our 42 backers, and everyone else who has been helping spread the word. We were featured on the news, and continue to get amazing support from our community.


With only 33 days left to pledge to this project, be sure you get your reward claimed. There are only 5 days left to grab an Early-Bird spot for our Thirsty Thursdays. That is beer for a whole year!

What's next?

We will soon be announcing a CFP AMA Brew Tour. This will entail a few nights where you can meet us at a local brewery to hear our vision for the space, and Ask Me/us Anything (AMA).

Keep up the pace

Be sure to continue to spread the word. It might seem like an overload of information at this time, but we really need to give a good push up front. This is our best chance to launch this project, and will all of your help, Columbia Food Park will be here in a matter of months!