The Complete Story

Columbia Food Park - Where did this idea come from?

If you have been around Downtown Vancouver for very long, you may remember that C-Tran used to have a much more significant presence in the area than they currently do. So much so, in fact, that they built a park where ticketing took place and people waited for their buses. When C-Tran left, the park was closed to the public and subsequently had a variety of businesses cycle through, none of which engaged the community the way that was initially intended. Kylan took notice of when this park became available and recruited me to partner with him on bringing community back to the space in a functional way.  At first it was food trucks; as it evolved, it became something so much bigger. 

Before we tell you about the project specifics, here is a little bit more about each of us:


Kylan Johnson


"I have lived and worked in Downtown Vancouver for over six years, and currently raise my family here. I am married with three kids and I run a website consulting business that is heavily focused on small local businesses. Through offering these professional services, I have developed a desire to provide resources to businesses struggling to develop a strong brand identity and marketing focus. By engaging with the community via the Columbia Food Park, I believe this project and my expertise may help individuals with a passion for food realize their dream." - Kylan


Alex Mickle


I’ve lived in Downtown Vancouver since 2010 and recently built a home in the Arnada neighborhood. I am married with a young son and my wife and I are expecting another soon. When looking at places where we wanted to raise our family, there wasn’t anywhere that ranked higher than Downtown Vancouver. I work downtown at a tech company called DiscoverOrg, and have a strong feeling that the community is on the verge of expanding rapidly as similar businesses clamor to fill the space. Ultimately I believe that if we encourage this growth in a community-focused way, Downtown Vancouver will become a closer approximation of what we want it to be. I believe that the best thing we can do for the community is provide the tools necessary for anyone with a passion to have a realistic shot at success, which Columbia Food Park will do.

Project Details

When working through the specifics of what our project should be, we landed on a model that merged the idea of creatively serving food and building up the community. Here is our plan:

  • We are building out shipping containers to function as fully equipped commercial kitchens for rent.
  • We are offering branding, custom websites, online ordering, and community partnerships to all vendors that rent space from us.
  • We are designing a bar that will have 5-7 local only taps (Which include Heathen, Loowit, Trapdoor, and Trusty) that will always be dedicated to their corresponding brand and the beers they want represented.
  • We will have a stage for local bands and a projection screen system designed for regular community movie nights. 
  • We will offer food/drink/community from sunup to sundown Monday through Sunday.

We want to create the support and opportunity for others to start something big and to do so without losing everything they have built.